The “Fierce Black Woman” inside you, doesn’t exist

I hope some of the class pops back in here to read this if they didn’t see this on facebook.

This is a beautiful essay, which I’m posting back to re-assert what I was trying to do with our readings back in the fall of 2013, regarding “intersectionality”

I know some of you had trouble understanding what this term means and how it is used. This is a great example.

I also think this brings up again, our short discussion about the youtube series “Got 2B Real” and how there were mixed feelings about race, sexuality, and misogyny.

I recommend checking out Dani Lamorte’s website for any information about their paper on Got 2B Real” which they presented at the recent UPITT Film Symposium. They discuss overlaps of audiences with varying abilities to understand popculture references, and how the specific historic overlap of african-american drag queens (Read “paris is burning”) and mainstream (white) gay male culture (read: Pridefest, Queerty, everything etc.) makes watching this show a provocative and critical experience. Dani also managed to do an interview with the show’s creator, Patti LaHelle, and she has eye-opening answers to how and why this show was created.



Pop-Up Museum of Queer History

The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History is a grassroots organization that transforms spaces into temporary installations dedicated to celebrating the rich, long, and largely unknown histories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. We believe that our community – and especially our youth – deserve to know our history. If you don’t know you have a past, how can you believe you have a future?



Obscure in the English-speaking world, Brigitte Fontaine is well-known in Europe as a futuristic musician. A bit cryptic, a bit creepy, she tells strange, dramatic stories.

This video and song is about a woman who wanders into her bathroom, only to find an elephant who demands nougat. Unwilling to give the elephant nougat, she seeks out help from her friends – but to no avail.

This video is probably one of my favorite music videos of all time. Daydream-y, trippy, and just a little awkward.

(Lyric translation posted as a comment. In translating, I learned to say, “stammer.”)