Is Gender All Performance?

Julia Serano is a well-known author who writes about trans* and bi issues, primarily. In preparation for the release of her next book, she gave The Advocate some interesting comments about performance and gender.

While I don’t entirely agree with Julia, I think she makes good points about embodiment and real, lived experience. I also think it’s a good reminder that there are many trans* points of views and politics – some of which have very good questions for academics and artists.


SheZow on Hub!



Is The Hub’s “SheZow” The First Transgendered Cartoon Character For Kids?

The “she-larious” show, which features a 12-year old boy named Guy Hamdon, who inherits a magic ring from his aunt that turns him into a female superhero named SheZow, is aimed at children aged seven and above. In the form of SheZow, Guy is gifted with superhuman abilities, a skirt, thigh high boots and a pink shapeshifting car. All triggered by the phrase, “You go girl!”

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Sadie, 11-Year-Old Transgender Girl, Writes Essay In Response To Obama’s Inauguration Speech


Barack Obama made history on Monday when he became the first president to speak about the Stonewall uprising and the gay rights struggle during an inaugural speech.

While many in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community were thrilled with the mentions, an 11-year-old transgender girl named Sadie wondered why the President didn’t directly address trans people, too.

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Must Watch: Lana Wachowski Speaks About What It Means To Be Transgendered

More info and video are HERE

From Indiewire:
“What ever happens with Cloud Atlas (which opens this Friday), what Lana Wachowski has done in coming out as a transgendered person will go down as a seminal moment in Hollywood culture.  She is a high profile successful action director talking about being transgendered and gay, in a town where there are hardly any women directors who do action and hardly any people who talk about being transgendered.  Fucking gutsy.”