Trippple Nippples

Trippple Nippples is a japanese electroclash trio, fronted by Yuka Uchida, translator and music lover. They have been described as a rare beast, with their live shows being a Herculean onslaught of visual and audio stimulation. Completely unpredictable and mercilessly unhinged, the goal of their performances runs along the lines of “shock, then surrender then jungle party around the bonfire.” Recently, they have been doing benefit shows to help Japanese homeless (a taboo in Japanese culture).




Genesis and Zeljko

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Zeljko McMullen chat about the magic of names, gender/identity, the Book of Genesis, death and rebirth in one lifetime, dedicating one’s efforts to creation, the role of artist as shaman, life disruption, industrial music, technology and will, money and the impending economic collapse, and the need for autonomous communities.


Douglas Rushkoff in conversation with Genesis from The Believer on-line

and the homepage of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge