Bettina Rheims: The Gender Studies


Rheims on how “The Gender Studies” came about:

“Over a year ago, we got a request from ‘Candy magazine’, an yearly publication on transsexuality and drag, to publish once again, and twenty years later, the ‘Modern Lovers’ and ‘Les Espionnes’. A body of work on androgyny and transgender shot during the hardest times of AIDS.

It gave me the idea instead to check, If things were different today in the world of gender, from the eighties.

But what struck me as being completely new, were the ones who refused to choose between the two options, and had decided to live using both identities. Depending on the day, the mood; why not have it all ? – In Australia, last autumn, for the first time, someone got the mention ‘X’ on his/her passport, recognizing for the very first time the existance of a ‘third sex’.”

Learn more about Bettina Rheims’ project here.


One thought on “Bettina Rheims: The Gender Studies

  1. I initially clicked on this page because I’m a huge Bettina Rheims fan. But your post is equally qualitative: I was unaware of the breakthrough made in Australia last year. Both fascinating and heart-warming.

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