Inge Blackman Documentaries

Inge Blackman is an award-winning director/producer, and cameraperson. She has produced and directed for galleries, television and the corporate market. Her film Fem, an experimental short on queer femininity which will be shown at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, March 2007.



I have also included her documentary clips on women and ragga music in the UK “Ragga Gyal D’Bout”, and black lesbians in the US, UK, and Carribbean “BD Women”

Ragga Gyal D’Bout


BD Women


Trippple Nippples

Trippple Nippples is a japanese electroclash trio, fronted by Yuka Uchida, translator and music lover. They have been described as a rare beast, with their live shows being a Herculean onslaught of visual and audio stimulation. Completely unpredictable and mercilessly unhinged, the goal of their performances runs along the lines of “shock, then surrender then jungle party around the bonfire.” Recently, they have been doing benefit shows to help Japanese homeless (a taboo in Japanese culture).





Obscure in the English-speaking world, Brigitte Fontaine is well-known in Europe as a futuristic musician. A bit cryptic, a bit creepy, she tells strange, dramatic stories.

This video and song is about a woman who wanders into her bathroom, only to find an elephant who demands nougat. Unwilling to give the elephant nougat, she seeks out help from her friends – but to no avail.

This video is probably one of my favorite music videos of all time. Daydream-y, trippy, and just a little awkward.

(Lyric translation posted as a comment. In translating, I learned to say, “stammer.”)

Hi Fashion



Hi Fashion is an LA-based electro-pop duo. Helmed by Jen DM and Rick Gradone (the two had met at a gay bar in LA, where Rick flirted with Jen believing her to be a man, I kid you not), the duo makes many of the costumes and styling for their music videos themselves. Originally called Hi Fashion $5.99, then Hi Fashion $9.99, the group’s lyrics are often playful and their performances highly extravagant, both speaking on wealth, the concept of glamour, and self-indulgence and gratification.

Unchained Melody- The Righteous Brothers

I absolutely love the set used for this video. Something of the live TV performances of the 60’s and 70’s, with the simple scroll over to mark the event as belonging to the experience of watching it in the “TV room”

I would love for us to be able to film an (many) event(s), as Suzie calls it, in the “dime store” version, while being able to appropriate the use of the text scroll and “!!!!!” in the end that reminds of you where you saw this event, that it was brought together not by either party, (the channel or the artists) but through the collaboration of the two. These variety shows, “shindig,” are another example of the original source material we were shown but are a great reminder, when we get a little confused, on what type of program we can create. Modifications will come along the way to adjust the production to our context and capabilities.