Elisa Kreisinger, Pop Culture Pirate

A video remix artist whose work is centered at the intersection of gender and viral videos, Elisa Kreisinger seeks to engage female audiences online by spinning typically male-dominated media from a feminist perspective. Her art and knowledge has been featured in galleries and festivals throughout the United States and Europe, including SXSW in 2012, where she co-hosted a talk called “Subtext and Shipping: The Lesbian Community Online” about the underground movement of fan-made videos and art highlighting or subverting the sexuality of characters on some of the most popular shows on television. Kreisinger herself is active in this community, as much of her art involves remixing events in pop culture, such as turning Ann Romney, through her RNC speech, into a feminist lesbian separatist. Additionally, she has created “The Queer Carrie Project” (featured here) and “The Queer Housewives of NYC”, where she remixed “Sex and the City” and “The Real Housewives of NYC” into lesbian love stories. Her most well-known work, however, is a series of videos about gender on “Mad Men”.

Kreisinger says about “Queer Men”, “The goal was to tell a story about two men who once preserved concepts of manhood and masculinity but then found relief and happiness in each other, becoming a threat to the very same patriarchal system on which their power and privilege was based. QueerMen: Don Loves Roger is a story about Don subverting rather than selling traditional masculinity.”
To supplement this project, Kreisinger created a music video featuring the ladies of “Mad Men”: “By framing the female characters from Mad Men in a series of boxes, we wanted to illustrate how the show, and by extension, society, isolates and marginalizes womens’ voices within pop culture narratives. As a result, it’s important for women to tell their own stories. For me as a remix artist, making mash ups is the best way to tell these stories. I call it writing with TV for TV.”

One of her greatest contributions to the remix-art community has been her dedication to teaching women to make their own mark through videos and social media, with free tutorials on her YouTube account and on her website, popculturepirate.com.


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