Bridget Everett

A musical performer who hails from Manhattan, Ka ( I will post a picture from “Whisper” Magazine with a write-up about the town as “little gay manhattan” sometime long ago judging by the pulpy yellowing pages and Kansas’s more recent sweeping discriminatory bills). Here is a performance from the New York City night club Judy. At 5:30 she rambles from monologue to my personal favorite track. Brash in her delivery, her work is hardly startling, but it’s rather satisfyingly unapologetic and self-depricating. She was also recently written up in 2007 by the New York Times for a show “At Least it’s Pink” she had done at Ars Nova. Rambling and exhausted, her scattered presence is addictive. However, The New York Times wasn’t really thrilled…

I recommend starting the video at 5:30.


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